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Friday, January 05, 2018
By Truly Inspired Photography
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"Just... Keep...breathing!

I know exactly how to begin this post. One day before River arrived to this world, I had a dream that I was carrying a little baby boy. In the morning of December 31st, I woke up and told my husband about my sweet dream.  My husband asked me: our baby or someone's else baby? Lol! He was a little scared! We have two little monkeys, and I think it's enough! Anyway, I was getting ready to go out to buy the stuff to celebrate the New Year at home, but suddenly I got a text.  That text changed my day! 

It was 10:43 and Elizabeth was 6 cm dilated, at this point I was getting my camera ready and my stuff. I think the birth team was on their way too. 

I arrived at their house at 11:15, she was in pain but she looked calm and strong. The midwife (Teri Mitchell) and Doula ( Laura Fortner) were already there.  The environment was perfect.  Music, essential oils in the diffuser, and the beautiful couple working together waiting for the miracle. In meantime when everything was happening, the pain, the breathing, the kisses, the support being given to Elizabeth, I was thinking about how beautiful life is.  As I was there on the last day of the year, it was the perfect gift for me to renew my soul! 

The midwife and the Doula were doing wonderful work.  Elizabeth smiled, cried, and she was really great at controlling the situation.  Her husband was always supporting her.  Roland's face was always expressing happiness and peace.  He was very calm and never left her alone. 

Time was flying by, I had been there for 5 hours already, when the midwife told me that the baby was going to come soon and to get my camera ready. Suddenly everybody was in their positions for Baby River to arrive. Beautiful emotions came, tears, smiles, happiness.  Baby River was there! I am going be very honest, my heart filled with gratitude for being present during this amazing experience! Everybody celebrated Baby River's life! Elizabeth finally rested.  She had been in labor for 15 hours. She looked tired but happy and peaceful. What I viewed from behind the camera was a beautiful family with a beautiful baby in their arms. That's Happiness! 


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