Letters to my daughter
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Friday, January 05, 2018
By Truly Inspired Photography
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Letter to my daughter

Dear Amelie, my oldest, my mature girl! I want to tell you a secret. Your Dad told me yesterday that one of the millions of the things that he loves about you, is that you always find the magic in the things! Sounds simple, right? But its not that simple to find the magic in life! It's not common. Magic is the mysticism of happiness. It's the key for incredible possibilities. It's a spark of life. It's a word for dreamers and believers of the amazing snippets of life that happens to amazing people! You are an outstanding person! But, remember that the effort, empathy, the big challenges, determination, the love for God, for you and the world are going to take you to the top!
You and your brother are the most important ingredient in our formula of love! We are four! The elements! Air, earth, water and fire! Yes, sounds a little cheesy, but when you grow up and read this, you are going to say that mommy was a little crazy but very close to the truth! Keep believing in magical things. Please always dream, always love, always keep this big and amazing heart, because that way you will always be an amazing girl, my girl, our girl!
With Love,
Your mom, Miriam.

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