Truly Inspired Photography is your one stop for all of your photography needs. I specialize in capturing everything from kids, family, newborn, maternity, boudoir, teens, senior year portraits, to modeling shoots, Quinceanera parties, sweet sixteen parties, children's party events and weddings (Bride & Groom plus engagement portraits), and even your pets, too. Truly Inspired Photography is based in McKinney, TX and serves the surrounding area (Plano, Allen, Frisco, Fairview and Dallas).

I offer you an experience that will capture those spontaneuos and beautiful moments in your life engraved forever in photographs that you will always cherish in every photo session. I use natural light whenever possible both indoors and outdoors. I love to do my sessions outside in amazing places that you may have never even imagined that they existed. When I'm not taking pictures and learning new tricks of the trade, I'm out looking for new magical places that all of my clients will love. I love nature and it doesn't matter what season of the year it is, your session will be beautifully captured.

Your session will include up to 2 hours in a place that I suggest based on what kind of session you want, or in your favorite place. Some of the themes that you can choose from are:

- Urban place

- Natural setting

- Beach sunset (on a lake)

- Country setting

- Railroad tracks

- Garden and Fountain

- Retro hotel lobby

- Museum

- Equestrian center

- Vineyard setting

and even a bath tub!!

I supply any of the props that will enhance the pictures like balloons, cupcakes, umbrellas, kites and furnishings. All of these themes offer you unique pictures and a lot of fun for you and your family.

Kids are the most original people that I know. Try to let them choose their own outfits. I'm sure that they will enjoy feeling comfortable and unique. However, I love to see kids wearing bright, fun and colorful clothing that they can move around and play. Girls always look pretty with headbands with flowers, tutus and/or pretty dresses. If they have a doll or a special toy that they always carry around, it would be perfect to include it, since this will make their pictures be more fun and unique to your child. If you prefer to have the session done indoors at home, then I suggest that pictures be taken in their room. That way your child can feel free and comfortable in their favorite place.

For family shoots, since spending time with family is so much fun and informal, I suggest jeans and something comfortable (you all don't necessarily need to match).However, what you wear should be based on your family's taste and personality. If your session is for holiday, Christmas cards or a special occassion, then I suggest something more formal.

For newborn sessions you don't need to do much. All you need is some patience (I know it's hard, especially you first time moms), but just enjoy their little faces and their beautiful tiny body. Your baby has to be fed prior to the session, but if baby gets hungry during the session, I will gladly wait for you to feed your baby. The best time to take their pictures is during the first few weeks of their lives when they are asleep. Once they get a little older, they are more awake and it's more difficult to set them in poses. If your baby is older than three months, I suggest different ideas for their portraits. I will bring some accessories, props and some cute clean little outfits that you can select from, or you can provide your own little outfits.

For teen and senior year sessions, you need to wear something fun, so you can be comfortable. Try to take advantage of your different styles and looks that reveal who you are, so that your pictures come out original and truly inspired. Just be you.